Frequently Asked Questions


This is a short list of our most anticipated frequently asked questions. For more information about

Super-Fish, or if you need support, please visit our contact page.

How does one list a business service or product?

First create a profile through the registration process then you will have access to listings. Add as much

useful and relevant information for a free listing, in particular which listing pages your business is to be

linked with e.g. animals>birds>accessories>bird tables. Submit your listing to the administrator and within 24 hours

we’ll publish subject to our terms and conditions.

Are listings free?

Basic listings are absolutely free.

What if I want to improve visibility on Super-Fish and appear above free listings?

Simple – Go Premium. First create a free listing, once approved, a confirmation message is sent in less

than 24 hours, then select the one monthly premium option or recurring monthly within the listing

page. As a premium business you will appear above free listings, be able to add your website and more

information about your service or product.

How much does Premium cost?

Upgrade to Premium for as little as £10 for a single month or Go Recurring Premium for £10 per month.

 What is Super-Fish?

We’re building Super-Fish to allow you to experience quick, relevant search results that enable you to

find products and services locally. We imagine a world more local, less global, ironically thanks to the

web ;-).

What other services are you connected with? 

Currently, we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google +.

I have a technical difficulties or support issue I need resolved, who do I email?

The best way to get in touch is via our contact page. Feedback is welcome.


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